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Fernando Palomo García


Fernando is a Systems Engineer by the University of Granada, Post graduate in Agile Methodologies by La Salle University, Barcelona. He has been leading teams & organizations in multiple industries since 2005. He is passionate about fast-growing international environments, having contributed to companies growing from 4 to over 4000 people. He is lecturer in the Master program of Agile Methodologies from Ramón LLull – La Salle University, the leading program at European Level, teaching students about how to de-scale Agile.




Foto de perfil de Lorenzo Palomo Ruiz

Lorenzo Palomo Ruiz


Lorenzo is Ph.D with international mention in law sciences, 5 years Degree in Labour Sciences, Master in Business Law, Master in labour risk Prevention and 5 years Degree in Industrial Psychology. He has been developing and training leaders more than 30 years. Lorenzo leads trainings, recruitment and mentorship projects in our organization.






Foto de perfil de Carolina García Muñoz

Carolina García Muñoz

Lean & Agile Coach, Product management

Carolina is Master both in Project Management and Agile Product Management by La Salle University, Barcelona. She is a full time Project Manager in SEAT, leading the Audi A1 lifecycle production activities and collaborates part time with Blue Jay in software and manufacturing environments, applying her extensive knowledge and experience.




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